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I'm not sure anymore
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Hi guys this is gonna be a long post

I have recently questioned what kind of artist I am. I don't know if yall do this to your own, but I just look at my gallery and go huh, do I really have a style or...
It's all messy! It's all over the place. No wonder nobody wants to follow me, ha
I've really gotten into painting lately, this being my latest (an attempt on practicing lighting) ->This is Pat by AlisaTheArtiste But I can't seem to let go of putting at least SOME lineart in my paintings.
Besides maybe this ->Rip the Bunny by AlisaTheArtiste
And of course the studies. ->The Man by AlisaTheArtiste Professor by AlisaTheArtiste
I guess it's because I didn't really want to make painting my main style. But it seems like that's how it's going to be, at least for a while. I've already painted for others and done fanart -> Rubib Portrait by AlisaTheArtiste Maggie Lacivi by AlisaTheArtiste
And sometimes I'll paint but I'll actually be keeping all of the lineart ->Kirari by AlisaTheArtiste which I'm sure is a popular method, but it almost seems equivalent to a normal digital drawing. Haha...
I just find it so tedious putting together a digital drawing. More convenient, maybe, but not always fun. You have to do lineart all nice and then you have to color inside the lines and then figure out how you're going to shade it. Sometimes I do monochromatic stuff. Cause then you don't really have to worry about the colors after already worrying about lineart. ->David and Gunhilda by AlisaTheArtiste Princess Style by AlisaTheArtiste
Still, digital drawings should look really good if one puts in effort and employs the method well.
I don't do very well with it now because I'm lazy ->Paranatural by AlisaTheArtiste ( D: )
But it used to be my main drawing style, before I got into the whole painting craze ->Kido by AlisaTheArtiste Kyoko Sakura by AlisaTheArtiste
Sometimes I just do doodles to showcase fashion and ocs. Or if I want to draw but don't want to go through the trouble of having nice lineart or painting (or, you know, coloring inside the lines) ->Vampire schoolgirl by AlisaTheArtiste  Dream Drawing by AlisaTheArtiste

but I think I could only get popular that way if I was consistent with my doodles and doing only doodles. Now that I'm painting and all, I think people expect paintings out of me. Goodbye to the doodles. Stick em in scraps, it'll be fine. Luckily I doodle a lot more in my sketchbooks and don't really post that stuff anywhere. Or maybe that's an unlucky thing?
That sounds a bit bad because it seems like I draw based on popularity, but think about it--isn't that what artists do? Or maybe they'll draw for themselves and then post only some things that they want to share and think others would like to see. This applies to painting; I believe that by doing well with painting, one can generally improve their coloring and lighting abilities. But if I'm just doing it to improve, then what's the point of posting it online? Well, maybe an artist should showcase their improvement. (also just because paintings don't look half bad anyway) Same goes for studies--why post a study if it's just a replica of a picture that already exists? Because it's cool to see a measure of somebody's skills, I guess.
So here we go, do you want to be an artist who showcases art for skills or for content? Hmmmm, tough one.

I guess the deal with my style is that I'm painting expecting that it will help me improve, and then when I'm good enough, I'll develop a solid drawing style and go back to doing lineart drawing. Hm. Hmmm....

Anyway... media complicates some things by diversifying my style even more
I've done traditional for AP art ->Spider Girl by AlisaTheArtiste (this is done with color pencils, bg was watercolored) And though I kept that picture on my profile for some time because I thought it was well done, I somewhat regret it because it doesn't really represent my art. I work mainly through digital means. 
I've used Photoshop to draw Super Pi Day by AlisaTheArtiste Photoshop to paint Felicity by AlisaTheArtiste
Sai to draw Shinaya by AlisaTheArtiste

 Sai to paint by AlisaTheArtiste
Buuut generally an artist should just find a way to utilize both if they can. I don't think people can really tell the difference when I'm using each one anyway. 
And uhhhh I've done some vectors way in the past...... Korra by AlisaTheArtistebut it's not my main thing or anything. Same with pixels.

I think a main thing with me would definitely be storytelling. I have so many ocs and so many story ideas. I've started a comic Purple City 0 by AlisaTheArtiste (which by the way if you read then I LOVE you)
and a cartoon Milk Matter by AlisaTheArtiste
and frankly both of these are for fun. But I still make them in the hope that someone other than me might enjoy them or that they will help me somehow in the future. They're very important to me and are a big part of my artistic journey. I hope people won't just think of them as useless deviations cluttering their inboxes. 

With all that, I honestly don't really know what style I'm going for or what look I really want to achieve. But I keep "Bubble Gum" up on my profile because I feel like that's closest to what really represents me and my art, even if it doesn't showcase my best abilities.
Bubble Gum by AlisaTheArtiste
It's Vampire! She's a beloved oc!
Maybe I'll figure these things out in the future. Maybe I'll receive some more influences, too.
What do you guys think? 
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